Refrigerating Roses: A Panel Discussion
Fred Wright, Jack Wright and John Hefner
Moderated by Dennis Bridges
Top Gun Club Meeting, November 7, 1998

What type of refrigeration do you use? (questions by Dennis Bridges)

Jack Wright (JW) - Hobart food refrigerator with four doors and adjustable racks.

Fred Wright (FW) - Two-door florist cooler.

John Hefner (JH) - Side-by-side refrigerator.

At what temperature do you keep the refrigeration?

JH - Below 40

JW - 36 preferred, but refrigerator runs 39-41

FW - 34-39

Do you cover the blooms in the refrigerator?

JH - Uses 1-gallon plastic bags and ties with twister.

JW - Uses sandwich bags and ties with twister.

FW - Uses sandwich bags.

What is the maximum holding time for roses under refrigeration?

FW - Most roses not over five days. A rose like Crystalline can be held 2-3 weeks.

JW - Five days.

JH - Prefer three days, but a maximum of five. There are some new preservative products that enable a longer holding time.

List the roses that refrigerate the best for you.

FW - Crystalline, White Success, Suffolk, and Lynnette.

JW - St. Patrick, Keepsake, White Success, and Suffolk.

JH - Most white roses, Dublin, Suffolk, and Louise Estes.

List the roses that do NOT refrigerator well.

FW - Color Magic and Uncle Joe.

JW - Sheer Bliss, Classic Touch, Bride's Dream, and Touch of Class.

JH - Double Delight, Garden Party, Honor, Paradise, Royal Highness, Touch of Class (due to color change), Sheer Bliss (max of 3 days). Uncle Joe cut when it is partially open and then keep in house for awhile, and then refrigerate.

General comments on refrigeration of roses.

FW - Condition roses 15-30 minutes in water after cutting, then submerge vase in conditioned water and insert rose in vase and lift out of water, then refrigerate.

JH - In hot weather, cut the roses tighter. Cutting at a particular stage is more important than refrigeration. Put roses in preservatives for eight minutes and then refrigerate. Cut roses in the evening because there are more fluids in the plant and the plant itself is dryer. Use room temperature water.

JW - At what stage you cut the bloom is the most important, and this varies from spring to fall.